Coronavirus enters London

The first case of the killer coronavirus has been confirmed in London, reports said.The bearer is said to be a Chinese national who was diagnosed Wednesday.

Multiple news platforms confirmed the story.

According to The SUN, Public health officials will now be scrambling to find everyone he has been in contact with.

London’s congested transport network and 8.9million population will make it a nightmare to track down potential victims to be tested.

Scientists have warned that London is at a greater risk than any other city in Europe due to the number of Chinese visitors that flock there each year.

More than 142,000 tourists arrive in London from China between January and the middle of March every year.

A total of 1,758 people have been tested for coronavirus in the UK, of which 1,750 were confirmed negative and eight positive.

News of coronavirus arrival in London comes as 12 schools in Sussex were placed on infection alert and teachers and pupils told to quarantine themselves.

Five people in the county have been diagnosed with coronavirus and dozens who came into contact with them have been ordered to self-isolate by Public Health England (PHE).

Since then, schools in Brighton, Hove and Eastbourne have pupils or staff in quarantine as a precaution.

Brighton has become the epicentre of the virus after a cub Scout leader — dubbed the coronavirus “super-spreader” — unwittingly brought it into the UK last month following a business trip to Singapore.

Stephen Walsh, 53, from Hove, may have spread the virus to dozens of people without suffering any symptoms himself.

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