Coronavirus cases spike in US, Italy

Italy and United States recorded the world’s highest number of new coronavirus cases on Saturday, with Italy again burying a record 793 people, taking the tally of the dead to world’s largest 4,825.

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Italy were 6,557, jacking up its total to 53,578.

In the United States, 4,754 new cases were logged on Saturday, with the overall infections now 24,137, just some 1000 plus lower than Europe’s second worst hit country, Spain, which has 25,374 confirmed cases. Spain had 3,803 new cases on Saturday, third to Italy and United States.

Recovery rate in the US has been very low, 171 people so far, with 288 people dying, amidst complaints of insufficient medical supplies and ventilators.

As at Saturday, the virus is now raging in 187 countries, with infections surging to 303,433 and the death toll 12,964. China still has the world record of 81,008 cases. But Italy has now surpassed its death toll of 3,255.

Here are the data for some countries, outside of China, Italy, Spain and United States with more than 5,000 cases:

Germany 22,084
Iran 20,610
France 14,459
South Korea 8,799
Switzerland 6,665
U. Kingdom 5,018

And here is the picture in West Africa, including Nigeria:

Coronavirus cases in West Africa on 21 March

Egypt 294
South Africa 240

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