Zoussi Ley, the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Complete Farmer, Ghana’s thriving crowd-farming platform, has moved on from the startup into the beauty industry.

In a post, she discussed her milestone from when she had her Masters at IE Business School in Spain to Africa, to where she contributed immensely to the tech and agro-industries. Ley made known that there was no better time to explore the skill she had garnered from the tech industry in other areas of the economy in Africa.

Interestingly, Ley is bringing her new business venture to the economic hub of Africa –Lagos.

“While I will remain in AgTech, I am exploring the personal care and beauty industry, a sector I believe technology can help redefine in Africa. I look forward to bringing my creativity and experience into this industry, from the economical heart of Africa — Lagos,” she posted.

Ley’s career milestone at a glance: When Ley was offered a position at an Ivorian AgTech company, WeFlyAgri, she didn’t take time before packing her belongings and making a move to Abidjan, where her professional career started.

Ley’s time in Ivory Coast came to an end when she gathered enough to begin the entrepreneurship journey. While researching the African AgTech ecosystem, she revealed how she found out about Complete Farmer.

Her words: “Coincidentally, I met one of the co-founders at DEMO Africa in October last year, where I got to learn more about the company and the team. I wanted to be part of that journey and contribute to the vision. Joining this venture felt right so, within a few days of meeting the co-founder, I moved to Accra, Ghana to assume the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Complete Farmer.”

Ley’s major achievement: During her time in Ghana, she got to meet and build a strong network of players across the food industry/agricultural value chain — from commercial farmers to commodities traders, supermarkets and agro-processing firms. 

Eventually, she had to deal with a major player, Ghana Commodities Exchange (GCX), the first-ever regulated market linking buyers and sellers of agricultural products in West Africa. After getting the certification, she was able to start trading at the GCX. This move allowed Complete Farmer to gain access to a wide range of market actors, thereby creating opportunities for the company to increase its revenue streams.