Can Berger Paints increase market dominance by reducing prices?

The ongoing construction works in different parts of the country have led to significant increase in the  market demand for paint with manufacturers recording huge returns on investments.

Considering the high demand for paint products across the country, it is not surprising that there are many existing paint manufacturing firms in the country, operating at different capacities and scales. However, as many, as they are, there still remain the “elite” paint manufacturers that dominate the market. 

Major competitors 

The fact that the industry is not meant for everyone, as not all existing paint manufacturing firms can afford good distribution network and access to financing, explains why only a few manufacturers are currently dominating the industry. 

The few companies dominating the market space include Berger Paints Nigeria Plc, CAP Plc, Premier Paints Plc, and Portland Paints & Products Nigeria Plc.  

It is pertinent to note that most of the aforementioned market players have a long history of operation in the country, and at the same time, serve all segments of the paint industry. 

CAP Plc seems to be leading the pack of quoted paint companies with a market capitalisation of N17.325 billion. Berger Paints Nigeria Plc follows with N1.985 billion market capitalisation. Portland Paints & Products Nigeria Plc operates with N1.960 billion market capitalisation, while Premiere Paints operates with N1.156 billion market capitalisation. 

Berger Paints’ market dominance 

Being one of the leading paints manufacturing firms in Nigeria, Berger Paints has successfully created a class of its own in the market space. Nairametrics learnt from research carried out on paint products in the market that Berger Paints products are not for everyone. They are for specific persons who not only have a good eye for quality paint products but are also financially capable enough to purchase them.

Almost all the stakeholders asked about Berger Paints products heaped praises on the manufacturer. Some said the manufacturer is more concerned about selling top-notch products than its competitors. Only a few persons asserted that Berger Paints products are unnecessarily costly. 

Experts’ opinions on Berger Paints products 

From the painters’ perspectives 

According to a professional painter who simply identified himself as Divine, people rarely make use of Berger Paints products because of the cost.  

“It is very rare to see people requesting that it is only Berger Paints products they want for their paintings. People prefer to go for cheaper products in the market,” the painter added. 

Another painter, Dele Oloyede, acknowledged that the products are good but not everyone can afford it.  

He said:“The paints are good and I will always recommend them, but it doesn’t belong to every class of the society. I mean they have been in the market for long, and they are yet to start producing substandard products. If you make use of Berger Paints products, your paintings will last over a decade compared to others which barely last 2-3 years.” 

Speaking to another painter, Babatope Raheem, the case is the same. He said, “I will say out of my 100 clients, barely 10 will insist that it is Berger Paints they want me to use for their paintings. It is mainly because of the cost; it is too expensive, not everybody can afford to use these products.” 

Retailers’ and Distributors’ Opinions 

Like the painters’ views on the market dominance of Berger Paints, paints retailers and distributors said they only sell Berger Paints’ products on demand. A paint retailer identified as Bose Oladeji, said there is no doubt in the fact that Berger Paints is the king of other paints in the market, but she had her reservations about its prices. 

“Berger Paint is good for usage. There is hardly a place you will go to that Berger Paint is used that you won’t be impressed by the quality of paints used on the walls. It is the king out there, but it is not for everyone because all fingers aren’t equal. 

“Because of the high cost of Berger Paints, retailers don’t have them in their stores, including me, and I won’t advise anyone to do so, because the demand is slim compared to how people demand for other paint products,” Oladeji told our Analyst.

Similar to Oladeji’s statement, another paint retailer, Kalesanwo Olaolu, said that retailers ordinarily don’t store Berger Paints products because of the low demand.  

“Just take a look around my store, I’m sure you will notice that there are no Berger Paints here. It is because the demand is low, people don’t request for it much like others because it is costly. I only sell on request. 

Financial performance 

Between 2013 and 2018, the revenue of Berger Paints Nigeria Plc grew by 25%. Similarly, its Profit Before Tax increased by 33%, while its Profit After Tax improved by 25%. 

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The Prices of Berger Paints Products 

Berger Paints have different products that come with different prices. Inquiries on the company’s prices affirms the stakeholders’ points. 

While the company’s 20Lt Clinstay Emulsion sells for ₦36,297.17, its 20Lt Fire Retardant Texcote sells for ₦28,644.06.  

Berger Paints’ 20Lt Luxol Emulsion sells for ₦27,978.66 while its 20Lt Robbialac Emulsion sells for ₦6,221.74. 

The company’s 20Lt Robbitex Emulsion sells for ₦11,451.43 while its 20Lt Rufhide Emulsion sells for ₦16,399.19.  

Berger Paints’ 20Lt Supatex Emulsion sells for ₦19,660.68 while its 20Lt SuperStar Emulsion sells for ₦17,171.51.  

Its AutoLUX 1LT sells for ₦1,798.45 while its Bergernol 5Lt sells for ₦11,623.56.  

Lignolac Wood Finish 4Lt sells for ₦5,192.16 while its Luxol Gloss 4Lt sells for ₦9,473.49. 

Berger Paints’ Robbialac Gloss 4Lt sells for ₦4,774.79 while its SuperStar Gloss 4Lt sells for ₦6,993.05. 

Going by the product prices of other companies, it is true that Berger Paints products aren’t competitive, probably because the products are made for specific class.  

The Upshot 

Berger Paints Nigeria Plc has successfully created a name in the paints market space. As a result, most of the stakeholders spoken to would really love to recommend the company’s products ahead of other companies, but for the prices 

During the research, Nairametrics learnt that if a painter is required for a painting service and the prospective client insists on using Berger Paints, that automatically gives an impression that the prospective client has a lot of money to spend. Thus, the service cost will be increased 

More so, painters whom we interviewed expressed their confidence in the ability of the company to produce quality paint products. 

Berger Paints can leverage on the class it has since created in the market space. The company may have to consider dropping its price or produce product options that can serve the middle class and the general public at large. This will have a great impact on the company’s revenue growth and profits. 




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