Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu’s campaign organization suffers another major set back as the America Diaspora Network pulls out of the race and plans a zoom endorsement meeting with his Excellency Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Last night, there was a serious tension in Ize Iyamu’s campaign organization as the diaspora coordinator(America Branch) Pastor Kingsley Omoaghe pulls out of Pastor Ize Iyamu’s campaign for what he tags “Ize Iyamu spreading COVID-19 in Edo state”.

Elder Kingsley said that prior to this time, he placed a call across to Pastor Ize Iyamu a couple of days ago and informed him of the fact that he is not comfortable with the way Pastor Ize Iyamu is hiring crowds and parading crowds without observing the COVID-19 prevention protocol. He said that pastor Ize Iyamu then told him that it was not his fault that people just follow him. Elder Kingsley refuted this position by telling Ize Iyamu that he contacted three persons that were giving 15million naira to mobilize people and that there is no point to gather people to spread COVID-19.

Pastor Kingsley also said that he has observed the campaign of his Excellency Governor Godwin Obaseki who reduced the flag off participation that ought to attract over 25,000 people to less than 700 people to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pastor Kingsley also posited that, he recently saw a video of His Excellency holding a stakeholders meeting in the Government House where less than 70 persons were invited in a stakeholders meeting this is suppose to attract over 3,000 people.

Elder Kingsley said that he is no longer comfortable , that people are dying in America, Nigeria and all over the world and he has warned Ize Iyamu to stop gathering people without adhering to the COVID-19 preventive measures.

Pastor Kingsley said that he has adviced Ize Iyamu but since he has refused to listen to him, he has pulled out of his campaign and that he no longer has anything whatsoever to do with pastor Ize Iyamu’s campaign.

Elder Kingsley finally submitted that he has a plan to have a zoom meeting with his Excellency tomorrow by 9pm.

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