Breaking News: Obaseki says he ‘ll trash opponent

That Oshiomhole was misdirected against him Godwin Obaseki
ABUJA- AHEAD of the forthcoming governorship primaries of the All Progressives Congress, in Edo State, Governor Godwin Obaseki has expressed optimism that he would thrash his opponent whether primaries are conducted through the direct or indirect way. 

The Governor also said that his relationship with the National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is still frosty, stating that the APC Chairman was misguided by some people. 

He spoke to State House correspondents after presenting his Expression of Interest Forms to contest the APC primaries to President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. 

Asked why he was at the State House, he said, “Well I came to see Mr. President to formally inform him of my desire and intention to seek reelection as governor of Edo State on the platform of APC in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections. As the father of our country as our President, we should not assume or take things for granted, I have to formally come to inform him and solicit his support for my gubernatorial bid. 

“I believe having been governor of the state for three years, you can check with the Edo people whether as governor I have served creditably, I have served the people of Edo.

” The consensus is that we have done well as a government and that people would like us to continue with the laudable programmes and policies which we have been undertaking in the last three years. 

” If you recall when I got into power as Governor, one thing Edo was noted for was human trafficking. We had over 30,000 of our citizens who were in Libya waiting to cross into Europe today in less than three years we have stopped. 

“We are celebrated globally, across the continent in terms of the reforms we have undertaken in basic education in this country. Those children, I can’t abandon them, we can stock what we have achieved till date. 

“Based on that we believe because of the connection which we have created with our people, we have no doubt in our minds that we will win any elections, direct, indirect, general elections in Edo State.”

He said that the crisis in the APC in Edo was engineered by people from outside the state. 

” The problem in Edo State is not from Edo but from outside. So the person I am contesting against is not in Edo, he is in Abuja, ” he said. 

Asked to comment on the relationship with his predecessor who incidentally is the National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, he said that there was no love lost between two of them. 

According to him, “It is unfortunate that he is taking the position he has taken; I believe that he was not properly guided. As governor and his governor, it is my responsibility to seek peace for my State and with all my citizens. 

“I will continue to strive for peace, I will continue to pursue peace, for the sake and interest of our people and I am open, I have always said that we should talk about how to move things forward. We cannot turn back the hands of the clock, so there are certain things we just must have to accept and see how we can move forward and build where we are. 

“So, the relationship is still frosty, I am doing all I can, I am doing my best to try and make it warm just for the sake of Edo people. Whatever it will take to have peace, whatever it will take not to lose lives in Edo, I am committed to.”

Also asked if he was ready to make sacrifices to ensure warm relationship Oshiomhole, he said, “Whatever I can do that is within the law, whatever I can do that is constitutional, I will do.”

On the reaction of President Buhari to his visit, he said: “The President was quite welcoming when I showed him my expression of interest forms, he looked through it and teased me that he will not have to go through this again, he wished me good luck and assured me his support.”

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