Breaking News: Court Reaffirms and extends Order permitting Chief Victor Giadom to act as National Chairman of APC

To avoid a vacuum, Court also appoint Comrade Mustapha Salihu to act as National Secretary in the interim


The fact is that as at March this year 2020 when Oshiomole was removed by the Federal High Court as the party Chairman, following his suspension from his ward, ratified by his LGA and state APC, Mr Victor Giadom was the acting National Secretary. He was originally the Deputy National Secretary but upon the resignation of the national Secretary then (Mai Malla Buni) who contested and won Yobe governorship, Giadom became the acting National Secretary.

And by then, there was no body occupying the position of the Deputy National Chairman (South), becos Segun Oni who was the substantive DNC (South) had resigned and gone to PDP. Sen. Ajimobi who came to occupy that position was wrongly inaugurated by Oshiomhole. By the party constitution, any new position after the national convention ought to be approved by NEC and NEC will direct NWC to inaugurate such new position(s). But this was not done in the case of Ajimobi as he was wrongly inaugurated by Oshiomhole with a few NWC members, without the approval of NEC.

So when Oshiomhole was suspended in March, Giadom went to court asking court to declare him as the rightful acting national Chairman, since he was the highest ranking member from the South then, and which the FHC Abuja obliged him. But Oshiomhole quickly appealed the judgment suspending him as national chairman and got an injunction from Appeal court which maintained status quo, restraining Giadom from assuming that position until the determination of the substantive suit.

And by yesterday Appeal Court finished with the substantive suit and upheld the suspension/removal of Oshiomole as the national Chairman. That appeal court ruling of yesterday against Oshiomhole automatically triggered the FHC Abuja judgment in favour of Giadom in March.

As it is, Ajimobi who would have naturally filled that position as the deputy national Chairman (south), was not approved by NEC and was not correctly inaugurated. In addition to this, there is a susbsisting court injunction barring the party from appointing anybody into the NWC except through a convention . That injunction has not been vacated till date, making Ajimobi’s nomination/appointment and others on the same level dead on arrival.

So in the absence of a legitimate DNC (South), the acting national secretary (Giadom) becomes automatically the acting national Chairman, as declared by the FHC Abuja. Any body who has an issue with that will simply need to approach the courts and appeal the judgment that declared Giadom acting national Chairman.

And from indications thus far, there is limit of time (21 days or so) for the appeal to remain valid, and am afraid that time has long elapsed without any appeal from any person(s). Oshiomhole and co did not bother to appeal it apparently because he had hoped he would win in the appeal court judgment of yesterday, unfortunately it turned out the way it did.

So until a court of competent jurisdiction says otherwise, Giadom remains the authentic acting National Chairman of APC.

That is the fact!

Enough of all these misinformation based on emotions.


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