Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian fight dirty over daughter Dream

American model and entrepreneur, Angela Renee White a.k.a Blac Chyna has denied ex-boy friend American TV personality, Robert Arthur Kardashian’s claim of daughter, Dream’s neglect.

Robert had earlier filed for primary custody of their three-year-old daughter and called for Blac Chyna to have reduced access, which would only allow her to see Dream at weekends with a nanny present.

According to court filings seen by TMZ, (Times miles Zone) Rob accused Blac Chyna of being frequently drunk and spending $600 on alcohol everyday.

The 32 year-old TV star also accused her of using cocaine and making violent threats to people.

Robert also said in the court that Dream’s behaviour had changed negatively.

He said the daughter had started “naked tweaking and acting out sexual positions, which she said mum taught her”

Sources close to Blac Chyna told TMZ that the 31 year-old model denied the allegations Robert made against her and accused him of lying.

They claim Chyna has “never done drugs in front of her children and only drinks when her kids are not around”.

The source added that Blac Chyna also denied Robert’s claims that Dream was dropped off at his house with messy hair, dirty teeth and dirty nappies.

The source claimed she “always keeps Dream clean and makes her practice good hygiene”.

Blac Chyna insists Dream has over “100 nice outfits”.

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