Billionaire kidnapper: You must undertake to finish Evans’ case – Judge tells 5th counsel

n his court evidence, said that though he was blindfolded, his food was being made in captivity by a woman whose voice was that of the third defendant, the wife of the second defendant.

“There is a prima facie case as the first defendant also implicated the co-defendants in Exhibit 10.

“The court must look at the totality of the evidence so far before it. The prosecution has laid out a prima facie case.

According to the judge, the court finds and holds that no evidence has been discredited on the face of the document.

“The third, fourth, fifth and sixth defendants are now called to open their defence.”

According to the prosecution, the defendants allegedly kidnapped Dunu on Ilupeju Road in Lagos on Feb. 14, 2017, and collected 223,000 Euros (N100m) as ransom from his family.

Dunu who was allegedly held captive by the defendants because his family had not paid an additional ransom, was said to have escaped captivity and alerted the police.

Four witnesses, including Dunu, testified on behalf of the prosecution which closed its case on Jan. 10.

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