Two of our sons are in the race to occupy Osadebey Avenue. Only one of them will occupy it after the September 19th election.

Godwin Obaseki and Pastor Ize-Iyamu have a mutual friend and that person is Adams Oshiomhole. Some years back, he used unprintable words on one of them. He destroyed and maligned his name. He campaigned vigorously against him, painted him as untrustworthy of public funds and so many other ugly characteristics. We expected our son, the man of God to challenge him in court of competent jurisdiction. He didn’t. And since he didn’t, his brothers and sisters, the Benin people and his followers from other senatorial districts, stood by and watched events as they unfolded.

Today, same Adams Oshiomhole has called another of our sons, a snake. Rather than prove how Obaseki has under performed, he has resorted to hate speech. What more, he is insisting APC must take Edo State. If his one vote is all it will take for APC to win Edo, then his insistence is on course. But if it is Edo people that will collectively decide who governs them, then Oshiomhole needs to be reminded that he is not God, whose words are sacrosanct.

Aiye orhiovbere muigie is a popular Benin adage which translates to, a foreigner cannot hold sway or decide what happens in our land.

For how long shall we sit by and allow Oshiomhole Orhiovbe denigrate Benin people? For how long will we allow people from other tribes within Edo State or outside Edo State to dictate to us what happens amongst us?
Let us decide for ourselves and vote our conscience. It is just a game of politics and not a do or die affair. To contest in any political election is like Blow- Blow die penny go, tomorrow come and buy. One can always try his luck again after four years. It is of one’s volition. Nobody pushes another into the contest.

May God give us the wisdom to accept His Will and give us the heart to forgive ourselves after the election.
Akugbe oretin.

My fellow Benins, we must beware of the danger ahead of us.
Aigui y’ekampe

In God I trust,
Senator Ehigie Uzamere.

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