BBNaija: How Nigerians reacted to Tacha’s disqualification

Nigerians on social media have reacted to the disqualification of housemate, Tacha from the Big Brother Naija reality show.

DAILY POST recalls that Big Brother disqualified Tacha over act of provocation and violence.

This is coming after Tacha and Mercy engaged in a dirty argument which had both housemates hurling insults at each other.

The fight started when Seyi called Mercy to the lounge so they could read Biggie’s scroll.

But Mercy who had her bath came out late for the reading. This, however, did not go down well with Tacha who rained insults at her.

Mercy in return called Tacha a dirty girl with mouth and body odour which got Tacha furious and she dragged Mercy’s hair.

Biggie after playing the clip of the fight said Tacha was found guilty of physical violence.

Biggie who quoted an article from the Big Brother’s rules said ” you are guilty of physical assault and violence.”

He, therefore, disqualified Tacha from the reality show and issued two strikes to Mercy.

Reacting, some Nigerians commended Biggie for the decision. They said Tacha deserved the disqualification.

Here are some comments DAILY POST gathered:

@AfriV111, “Alas, it has come to pass. Let’s not forget that Biggie cultivated & profited from this. Tacha shouldve been disciplined in the first 2 weeks, they let her fester &self destruct. The responsibility for her behaviour is on her but the production team should be ASHAMED. #BBNaija

@Dejavu, “Mercy please don’t cry again, at least you won the battle of the queens. I’m so happy there is justice in Big brother’s house. You can’t disrespect everybody and expect to win. #BBNaija.”

@AfreecanA, “Dear Tasha, thanks so much for makin tonnes of money for the #bbnaija franchise. Your fans voted repeatedly but you fell their hand wit your violent behaviour.You have served your purpose of displayin the kind of behaviour the society detests. Go & flourish your fans dey wait.”

@Hope5689, “If only tacha knew that she had 99%of winning this money,sometimes acting tough can cost ur life.She wanted to be street smart and it worked against her.”

@Graynotion, “The way people are reacting towards Tacha’s eviction is like how Nigerians rejoiced when Abacha died.”

@iamchikel, “The both parties deserved what they got, but my point is why was mercy still crying like she was thinking she wont get punished #BBNaija19.”

@Princeodumin, “No leave no transfer has finally transferred to Oblivion.”

@itsdshow, “life learn to maintain decorum in every situation you find yaself.Violence and being confrontational does not solve every issue.#BBNaija19.”

Khalessilarry1, “Mercy is just like a trash just like that thing in her ass bitch. big brother has no direction I’m done #BBNaija19.”

@Moridikxe, “Tacha had what it took to be one of the biggest celebrities in Naija. But attitude is everything.On the brighter side I feel she will still be the most successful HM for the season. I am sure she learnt her lesson tho #BBNaija.”

@Tee3019, “Our Job is done no more voting Titans. Biggie was bias but It all good. All the best to Tacha we love you so much my dear #BBNaija.”

@attah1, “Finally Finally, there is a leave and transfer took her back to Port- Harcourt.10 days to go and you messed up.”

@Adetolu, “Tacha disqualified.Dear Titans, Titanic has sunk for the second time. Menascum.”

@zaddy_nomso, “Maybe the next BBNaija Set that come with the script of Pride, Rudness & Arrogance will have sense now that it takes you nowhere. #BBNaija19

@Limidae, “Tacha disqualified Mercy just killed her chances of winning congratulations FRODD #BBNaija.”
@Iamerioluwa, “It’s our collective responsibility to cultivate & promote PEACEFUL resolution of all conflicts no matter who is involved. We can’t be saying no to violence against women & children.Then promote it among women or on our TV. Thank you Biggie #BBNaija.”



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