ASQ launches App to develop budding football agents, players

A UK-based company, ASQ Training and Development, has launched a mobile application on “Level Three Certificate in Football Intermediary” qualification, to train and support budding football agents and players.

Its Group Managing Director, Samson Adeosun, who was in the company of renowned football intermediaries and players’ representatives, John Viola and Philip Taggart, made this known at a news conference in Ikeja, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria at the weekend.

Adeosun said there were lots of football agents in Nigeria, but that unfortunately, majority had bad reputation.

He said that many so-called intermediaries had no understanding or professional approach to their jobs, which he said, had affected the industry.

“There are lots of agents in Nigeria, but the fact remains that, do they know what to do when it comes to international business about players.?

“People look at the intermediaries as those who disregard the careers of the players they represent to make money for themselves. Many intermediaries will ruin the careers of promising players over the financial value of offers they receive.

“When agents take these players to Europe, do they actually look after them? How do they manage their lives? What happens when the player has an injury? What happens after a player’s life cycle? How do they manage their finances for them?” He asked.

Adeosun said the company had identified the need for such a training and certification to support and encourage budding football agents to get their act right.

L-R: Viola, Adeosun and Adedayo Adeniyi at the news conference in Lagos.

He said it would also help them to discover the huge wealth of football talents worldwide, especially in Africa.

Adeosun said the training was launched as a mobile application on iOS and Android in partnership with ProQual, a UK skills and training awarding body, regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

He said his company was also working closely with John Viola, Philip Taggart and ex-footballers such as Paul McVeigh, who were part of the project’s faculties.

“All of them, building on the benefits of their individual experiences across Europe and other parts of the world, are helping to develop and build a robust framework designed to maximise the effort and our successes for all,” Adeosun said.

He said the mobile application would be accessible worldwide and have resources for anyone aspiring to be a football agent.

Adeosun said that the active players would use it to learn about what was expected of a player to know how to be easily scouted.

Also, Viola said it was sensible to arm potential new intermediaries flooding the field with the technical know-how for them to deliver a high quality professional service to their clients and colleagues in the business.

Viola, who had dealt with players such as Luis Figo and represented players such as Roberto Carlos, among many more, said the training would help those looking to succeed in the complex, but lucratively rewarding profession.

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