APC CRISIS: Party Suspends State Secretary Lawrence Okah

The fight ahead of the 2020 gubernatorial election has continued in Edo State as the APC party Secretary Lawrence Okah has further deepened the crisis.

The suspension was confirmed by the party Chairman, Anslem Ojezua.

He said the suspension would enable a committee to be set up to investigate allegations against the embattled Secretary.

He stressed that the suspension was just an administrative procedure of the party.

“He was just suspended to allow the committee set up to look at the complaints against him. We have not expelled him, no it is not like that.

“The suspension is not punitive it is just a normal administrative procedure,” he said.

The suspension may be unconnected to the vow reportedly made by the Edo State Governor, Obaseki to flush out those disloyal to the party in the state.

He made the vow during the inauguration of the board of Edo Development and Property Authority.

Obaseki said “I want to thank those APC members that have remained committed.

“You know we have not wasted government money.

“We are progressives because we want to make tomorrow better for our children. Many have derailed.

“We thank God they have derailed because their hearts were not pure.

We will flush them out. We own the land. We determine who our leader will be. Nobody can come here and impose on us who we don’t want,” he reportedly said.

Obaseki and his former boss, Adams Oshiomhole fell out of the relationship after Oshiomhole accused the governor of abandoning his boys, unfinished projects and awarding contracts to cronies in Lagos.

The Edo State PDP is divided into two camps: Oshiomhole and Obaseki’s apologists.

Oshiomhole’s camp had vowed to challenge Obaseki at the primaries, in a bid to unseat him.

Meanwhile, the governor said he deserved a second term judging from the work he is doing in Edo State.

Oshiomhole, on the other hand, claimed Obaseki was trying to create a mess in the party before jumping to the opposition to run for his second term.

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