American Business Council throws weight behind the Data Protection Bill

The American Business Council (ABC) has declared its readiness to ensure that the Data Protection Bill is passed into law in Nigeria. The bill, when passed into law, will enhance the Nigerian business ecosystem and lead to an in-flow of investors seeking to do business in a country where they are respected.

The CEO/Executive Secretary, American Business Council, Margaret Olele, stated at the ABC data protection workshop that Nigeria had to consciously improve her image in the international community as data privacy is considered a human rights issue.

Speaking at the workshop, which held Thursday at Fraser Suites, Abuja, she noted that the aim of the workshop was to collaborate with the relevant stakeholders to set the right foundation for the data protection bill.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on ICT, Senator Yakubu Oseni, who also graced the workshop appreciated the American Business Council and assured them that the Senate was ready to support data protection and enhance ease of business for investors in Nigeria.

Otilia Phiri, Attorney Emerging Markets, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) at Microsoft, was one of the speakers at the workshop, and noted that it is critical for the times as “privacy is a fundamental right, essential to autonomy and the protection of human dignity serving as the foundation upon which many other human rights are built”.

Another speaker at the workshop, Teki Akuetteh, Former Executive Director of Data Protection Commission of Ghana) Founder and Executive Director, Africa Digital Rights’ Hub, stressed that data protection issues are a human rights issue.

What you should know: The American Business Council is an affiliate of the America Chamber of Commerce, working with US missions and other partners, to drive trade and investment opportunities between Nigeria and the United States of America in the interest of its member companies in both countries.

The ABC focuses on public advocacy and enhancing business relationships between the ABC and organizations. The CEO holds regular talks with Franchise organizations that are interested in the growth and partnerships of young people, where problems are identified and solutions proffered to foster socio-economic growth.

The event held high expectations for what the future holds for data protection in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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