American actor arrested for shoplifting

American actor Miguel A. Nunez Jr.

American actor and Juwanna Mann’s star Miguel A. Nunez Jr. was arrested after he left a grocery store with some items without paying.

The American actor was checking out at a Los Angeles Ralphs supermarket this week when his credit card got declined, so he just took his groceries in his cart and walked right out the front door without paying.

According to TMZ, his purchase was worth hundreds of dollars.

The publication added that Miguel returned to the same Ralphs a few days later, but he wasn’t allowed inside and cops were called. He was placed under citizen’s arrest, and when LAPD showed up, police cited him for misdemeanor shoplifting, and he was sent on his way.

The cops arrested Miguel and gave him a ticket but didn’t take him into the station as L.A. cops are not booking and jailing people for minor offences during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Miguel says he didn’t steal the items. He told TMZ that he was in a long line to check out, and he got tired of waiting and left with his items, but intended to return another day to pay.

Miguel says he tried to pay for his $200 worth of groceries when he returned, but claims the store manager told him no and that he wasn’t special. That was when they called the cops on him.

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