Africa’s richest woman claims decision to freeze her assets was based on “fake passport”

Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos, is still fighting hard to exonerate herself and reclaim her assets which were frozen earlier this year by the Angolan Government. In her latest defence, she claimed that the probe against her was based on a fake passport that was signed by late popular Hollywood actor, Bruce Lee.

In a statement that was made available to the press yesterday, the embattled businesswoman explained that the Luanda Civil court and a magistrate of the Supreme Court, accepted the fake passport as evidence. It was based on that that a court order was given to freeze her assets.

“The Angolan state used the fabricated evidence in an exparte court claims – meaning Ms dos Santos and her lawyers were not present to contest the  allegations. The forged evidence was relevant and material in supporting the case. 

“The Angolan Prosecutor went to the Luanda Civil Court and a magistrate of the Supreme Court in order to obtain the judgements, based on this fraudulent procedure. Those judgements were automatically enforced in Portugal without review by the Portuguese judiciary, a result of a convention between Portuguese speaking countries and judicial treaty,” the statement said in parts.

Apparently, dos Santos and her lawyers were only granted access to the court documents and evidence by the end of May. It was then that they came across the fake passport.

Based on the latest revelations, Nairametrics understands that an internet fraudster posing as a representative of Isabel dos Santos had entered into talks with a Japanese company named Synapse Corporation Inc. The fraudster had sent the fake passport of dos Santos to the Japanese and even made a loan offer. Prosecutors used these as evidence that dos Santos was tryingto negotiate the sale of her stakes in Unitel in order for her to flee from Angola.

As Nairametrics reported in January, Africa’s richest woman’ assets were frozen following allegations that she embezzled over $1 billion from Angola’s diamond marketing firm, Sodiam, as well as from Sonangol. Isabel dos Santos, who was Chairwoman of Sonangol for some years, had immediately denied the allegation.

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