AfDB second term presidency for Adesina will deepen Brazilian ties with Africa – IBRAF President

The President of the Brazilian Africa Institute (IBRAF), Prof Joao Bosco Monte has said that a re-election of Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina as President of the African Development Bank (AfDB) would strengthen ties between Africa and Brazil.

In a recent interview with Pan African Voices, Prof Monte expressed his appreciation for Dr. Adesina, especially with the agricultural projects that both organisations had successfully executed in Africa.

I am optimistic about the possibility of Adesina being re-elected to the Presidency of the AFDB, especially when we see Brazil as a country that can work very closely with Africa, not only at the government level but also at the private sector,” Prof Monte said.

On the recent standoff between AfDB and the American government, Prof Monte said that he was very satisfied with the answers provided by Adesina on the allegations levelled against him.

“When we see countries like the US bringing issues about the leadership of President Adesina, we should understand what specifically are the reasons that the bank is being attacked by the US Government.

“We need to see details, but we also need to see concrete reason and the objective that the government of the U.S is bringing to damage the reputation of Adesina.

“My personal opinion is that he is doing a very good job and this is important for the brand and for Africa,” he said.

Prof Monte also said that the partnership between both institutions was because of the “confidence and vision of President Adesina.”

He expressed confidence about the possibilities of Adesina’s re-election, saying, “I am optimistic about the possibilities of Adesina being re-elected to the presidency of the African Development Bank, especially when we see Brazil as a country that can work very close to Africa.”

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