Over familiarity has beclouded Oshiomhole’s sense of reasoning, hence his disrespectful nature and character which cannot be condoled any longer.

I don’t really know why a very few individuals would want to always disgrace themselves all the time in attempt to take Edo people for granted. It’s an insult and foolishness for one man to think he owns Edo state and has gone more foolish to have seen himself as a sole deciding factor of who becomes Edo Governor. Does Oshiomhole thinks Edo people are foolish or does he even thinks we have no memories about yesterday that is still very fresh?

I believe if we are looking for people with sense and unquestionable character in Edo state, Oshiomhole would struggle for last position out of millions which he can’t even have. For goodness sake, why does this wicked man always take Edo people for granted. He’s now standing with the same Ize Iyamu he condemned yesterday before us, a man who he said is a thief, cultist, rebel, criminal and called all sort of names? So he thinks we have forgotten all these? Na see finish Oshiomhole see Edo people finish.

All the characters exhibited by Oshiomhole over time clearly shows that he has no respect for himself, the Edo people, our constitution and every Nigerians. When a thief starts supporting a thief then, you know the people are no long safe and the future of the unborn generation is at stake. Oshiomhole should be ready to dance along his music and also be ready to tell us how a criminal and thief of yesterday suddenly became a saint today…

I will advise our Governor and every Edo people to deal with Oshiomhole with everything within their reach because he’s our common enemy who does not care about the interest of our state. Oshiomhole has caused a lot of havoc all over the states in this country. No one ever referred to him as a good man because of his ungrateful, greed and self-centered attitude he has displayed in every occasions.

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