Actress Nkechi Blessing and singer Dotman clash after she gave him advice

Nigerian entertainers, actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday and music artiste, Dotman are definitely not in good terms following an encounter they had in their DMs recently.

Dotman had been lambasted on social media for being rude to an interviewer during an Instagram live session which he featured in. His action in the interview caused netizens to lambaste him for being proud even though he’s not so prominent in the entertainment scene.

Upon seeing the report on social media, Nkechi Blessing slid into his DMs just to give him an advice on how he should practice humility — an advice the musician didn’t take well and made their conversation go sour.

They eventually ended up blasting each other and taking to their stories to insult each other with the actress dubbing the musician a “fucktard” and the musician dubbing the actress, “Ogbomoso Angelina Jolie”.

They also blocked themselves on social media too.

See screenshots of their conversation below,

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