Actress Jennifer Aniston Amasses Over N8.4million Followers After Only 1 Day On Instagram And 1 Post

Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram only a day ago but the actress already has over 7.8 million followers after sharing only 1 post.

Hours after she joined the photo sharing platform, Jennifer Aniston’s IG page crashed temporarily as fans rushed to follow her. This meant that fans were not able to follow for a while as her page was “on a break.”

When one fan asked why they couldn’t follow her during the time her page crashed, Jennifer responded:  “sorry, I think I broke it.”

Her first and, so far, only photo on Instagram is an epic selfie featuring her “Friends” costars, which she captioned: “And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM.”

The post has been liked by over 9 million people and has over 406,000 comments.

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