Actress Damilola Adegbite set to support 3 single mothers with school fees for their kids

Beautiful Nigerian actress and single mother of one, Damilola Adegbite, is set to show love and support to some of her fans.

The Tinsel film star is set to support three single mothers by paying a term school fees of their children – The actress shared the post on social media and many people have praised her for the thoughtful and kind gesture Raising a child is no easy task; talk less of when it is only one parent responsible for the child’s well being and bills.

Many people, particularly women have become single mothers perhaps due to absentee and irresponsible fathers or a tragedy of losing one’s spouse. All these have led to many women working extra hard to be able to properly take care of their kids and are always open to any help that can come their way.

The Tinsel star revealed on her Instagram page that she is willing to help three single mothers pay a term’s school fees for their kids.

In the caption of her post, she wrote: “Dear Single Mom, If your child didn’t go to school today because you aren’t able to pay his/her fees, please send me a DM and include your phone number. I’ll be paying 3 children’s school fees this term and by God’s grace, this is only the starting point. Please send me a message only if you are a single mother: Unmarried, Divorced, Separated, or Widowed. Tell me a little about yourself. I’ll pick based on my discretion. Please feel free to tag anyone who you know may need this, and if they aren’t on social media, you may send a message on their behalf. P.S I will be paying directly into the school’s account. God bless you ❤️”


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