A tale of Uneducated graduates; A lampoon on self declaration of Victor Edoror as Speaker EDHA APC has sunk in the Odionwere erosion, kneeling continues for Oshio

It was a humorous atmosphere which ignited comic relief, when the news of the emergence of Victor Edoror as the Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly got its way to the social media.

Though, the action is dead on arrival, but it is imperative to note that information clearly shows the myopic and uneducated status of the entire members who birthed the plan.

The unfolding incidence has bore a deep hole in the heart of Edo people, who sees the misdemeanor act of the members elect as a pissing in the wind. Edo people are aware of how the Member elects refuses to present themselves for swearing, all for their selfish gains, neglecting their primary assignments which was to protect the interest of their constituents.

What we now ask ourselves is, What manner of prowess and legacy is the supposed Honourable member showing to their children and the unborn future. What is their major excuse for not presenting themselves for inauguration for a year and few months now?

However, it is very obvious that they are bereaved of ideas. At this point, we can easily borrow this humorous parlance, “APC party has sunk in the erosion”

The truth is very simple, the more they make more moves of doom, the easier the PDP secures her reelection mandate with overwhelming supporters. Edo people are wiser and smarter.

Their plot has failed!
Vote PDP!
Re-elect Gov. Obaseki/Shaibu


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