9mobile MD blames poor service on road construction

The acting Managing Director of 9mobile, Stephane Beuvelet has blamed poor quality of service on the construction of roads. This was disclosed in an interview according to the Punch. 

The Details: Explaining the reason behind incessant network disruption, Beuvelet noted that it was the destruction of 9mobile’s fibre during road construction as well as constant vandalism of their infrastructure that has affected its network quality. 

Beuvelet words: “Quality of service is a function of the environment. A lot of disruption of the network, which is not specific to 9mobile, is due to continuous destruction of infrastructure. Road construction is always destroying our fibre and we have to manage this problem. We also encounter unstable power supply. We need to know that this is a very expensive country to operate in as a telecom company because most of our sites are powered with generators.” 

On the issue of data depletion, Beuvelet said that many customers are not enlightened on the reasons why their data bundle exhausts itself speedily.  

He explained that fast depletion of data is normal. He pointed out that data will easily deplete due to good network which enables users enjoy fast internet speed rates.

Often, there is no abnormal depletion of data. The depletion of data is normal because the user must have used the data without knowing. That is why we are trying to increase the level of education and awareness.  

For example, when you have good quality network and you are opening a web page, because it is smooth and quick, all the advertisements will open at the same time and the videos will play well. This will consume more data. If you are not careful, depending on the settings of the phone, at night you may put your phone on and in the morning, you discovered that you have lost some data,” Beuvelet said. 

However, he promised that the company will kickstart an awareness program on social media to educate people on what they can do to avoid quick exhaustion of data bundles. 

We have created specific education videos to tell people what they can do on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to avoid loss of data,” Beuvelet added. 

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