9 Mobile confirms “Orange did not purchase any stake in 9 Mobile”

In a strong rebuttal sent to Nairametrics, EMTS owners of 9 Mobile has confirmed that Orange did not purchase any stake in 9 Mobile” as stated in an opinion article published on Nairametrics. The article has been corrected by the authors and updated on Nairametrics.

In an email statement sent by a media agency representing 9 Mobile, they emphatically stated that there was no such purchase by Orange and requested that the article be retracted.

An excerpt of the email statement read

“The Management of Emerging Markets Telecommunications Services (EMTS) Limited, operating as 9mobile, is constrained to react to a story entitled ‘France’s Orange move into Nigeria spells trouble for resident Telcos’ published on your platform, nairametrics.com, on Sunday, June 21, 2020.”

“The journalist Jenrade Lawal wrote: “……. when Etisalat Nigeria (now 9mobile) fell into financial crisis, Orange was one of the investors and they purchased a 65% stake in Etisalat Nigeria.”

“We emphatically state that Orange did not purchase any stake in Etisalat Nigeria (now 9mobile) and does not have any investment in the 9mobile’s business.”

Nairametrics maintains a strict editorial process and goes at length to verify claims made by its content partners. We also have limited interference in opinion articles provided they are not malicious or targeted at character assassination. Nairametrics frowns at factually incorrect statements included in articles. The article has now been corrected and the authors suspended from publishing articles on Nairametrics till further notice.

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