5G Network to undergo 3 months test run before approval – NCC

Recall that Nigeria’s Communications Minister, Isa Pantami announced Nigeria’s readiness to deploy 5G technology across the country. This claim was validated by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) which promised a rollout of the fifth-generation cellular network by 2020.

In line with the promise, the Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta has publicly disclosed that the 5G network would undergo series of tests for three months before the network could be approved for mass use. This disclosure was made on the sideline of the Mobile and Disruptive Technology (MoDITECH) Forum 2019 in Lagos.

Why this matters: The trial of the 5G network, according to the NCC boss, is important because it will allow the commission to evaluate key attributes of the network before approval. The trial is “a proof of concept” that will allow mobile network operators and NCC major vendors test the quality of the network.

Danbatta explained that decision to introduce 5G into the country is one the various avenues the commission is exploiting to revolutionize the digital aspects of the country. Danbattta added that the biggest beneficiaries would be the financial sector.

Danbatta noted that it was important to monitor emerging technologies before full deployment in order to create the right framework for success.

As such, there is need to put in place the right framework for the technology to rise technically. Very soon there will be the deployment of 4G in every city to make people in rural area have access to reliable internet services,” he said.

However, a recent report from a UK-based price comparison website, Cable, noted that Nigeria’s internet download speed had gone from bad to worse. It also added that the country’s internet download speed was one of the slowest in the world. According to the report, Nigeria’s internet download speed is ranked 176th of 207 countries measured globally.

The report further disclosed that it takes an average of over 7 hours (7:18) to download an HD movie of 5GB in Nigeria. This means that Nigeria’s internet download speed has deteriorated in the past two years from 95th in 2017 to 176th in 2019.

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