Their offense? The company’s operation experienced hitches in January and the suspects took advantage of the flaw for personal gain.

The independent audit carried out by LCC’s operations department revealed the following:

  • Abuse of the transaction unblock key,
  • Non-adherence to vehicle processing procedures,
  • Receipt of money from customers without processing the vehicles,
  • Non-issuance of toll receipts to customers after receiving payment.

Other offences were:

  • Sabotage of toll equipment,
  • Non-adherence to the controls and operating procedures,
  • Use of personal phones in the booths,
  • Processing of vehicles on another person’s profile,
  • Recording and accounting for low traffic numbers during peak periods.

The findings by the department resulted into query and a disciplinary committee was set up to look into the matter.

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In a statement, Hassan said: “Out of the 56 suspected staff members, six were exonerated and 18 were indicted in the first batch and handed over to the police on July 11, 2019, for further investigation, while the remaining 32 are still undergoing internal questioning before decisive action will be taken against them in line with the disciplinary policies of the company.

“The LCC management will never tolerate any fraudulent act and will handle such behaviour decisively.”

According to Hassan, the suspects are remorseful towards their alleged fraudulent act, “they have not seen what they have done as a criminal offence.”

“Instead, they have gone on the social media to malign the competence and character of the management staff, especially the managing director and managers in the operations department, who investigated and unravelled the fraudulent act.”