10 worst hit Coronavirus States in Nigeria; How they fare

As at Thursday, the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, has released 981 confirmed Coronavirus cases in Nigeria. The positive cases were recorded from 7,153 samples tested.

Some States and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, are seriously hit with the virus, with some recording deaths and discharge of survivors.

Below are the worst hit 10 States, including Abuja and how they fare:

1. Lagos

Lagos is the epicentre of Coronavirus in Nigeria. The state has ramp up a whopping 582 confirmed cases.

Of the national Coronavirus infections, put at 981, Lagos has 582 confirmed cases, more than half of the national figures.

Between Sunday and Thursday, this week, Lagos ramps up 281 new Coronavirus infections, making the rate at which the deadly disease spikes in the state worrisome.

By Monday next week, Lagos would have been on a lockdown for one month, yet, there is no respite as another two weeks extension face the state.

Worse still, the state has recorded 18 coronavirus deaths, with 455 active cases left for the health workers to grapple with.

Though Lagos has discharged 107 coronavirus survivors, it has ramp up more cases geometrically, without discharging any patient in the last two days.

More dangers seem to loom, as residents of the state have violated the lockdown order and social distancing.

2. FCT

The Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, is the second most hit territory in Nigeria. Though, not a state, Abuja has garnered 133 confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

One of the reasons for its increased cases is because it plays host to an international airport like Lagos.

Abuja has been able to discharge 35 Coronavirus patients and recorded three deaths.

Active coronavirus cases in Abuja stands at 95.

3. Kano

Kano State recorded its first Coronavirus case on 11 April. The State is raking in more Coronavirus cases in geometric ratio than other state, except Lagos.

Within 13 days, Kano has recorded 73 confirmed cases of the deadly pandemic. Yet, the state has not started testing on a wide scale like Lagos.

With wide scale testing, Kano is expected to be the next disaster zone after Lagos.

The State has 72 active cases, with one death. The State appears not ready for the battle ahead, which compelled the NCDC and the World Health Organisation, WHO, to send 17 officials to assist the State.

4, Ogun

With 29 confirmed Coronavirus cases, Ogun State is the fourth most hit territory with the virus. Ogun State recorded the first case of Coronavirus in the country, the Italian who was confirmed with the disease after visiting La Farge Cement, but the case was managed by Lagos.

The state has so far ramp up more cases.

Ogun has managed to discharge five survivors of the disease and recorded one death so far.

The state’s active coronavirus cases is put at 23.

The state has put up measures to curtail the spread of the virus. It was among the three territories locked down by President Muhammadu Buhari.

5. Katsina

Katsina State, with 21 confirmed coronavirus is the fifth most hit state in the country. The index case was a medical doctor who died on April 7 and infected others.

Since then, several tests have been carried out, leading to more positive cases.

Katsina is slow in response to the outbreak of the virus. The state has not discharged any patient, as its active cases stand at 20.

6. Osun

Osun State must be giving kudos for tackling Coronavirus outbreak with all alacrity.

Coronavirus hit the state on March 25 and it has 20 cofirmed cases.

With hard work, Osun has discharged 18 patients, with two active cases remaining and no death.

Very soon, Osun will soon be out of the wood.

7. Oyo and Edo

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State

Oyo State has ramp up 17 Coronavirus cases since the outbreak.

The state has discharged five patients, including Governor Seyi Makinde and recorded one death.

Right now, Oyo has 11 active coronavirus cases.

The state’s machinery appears determined to fight the disease to a halt, with proactive measures being put in place.

Like Oyo, Edo has recorded 17 confirmed cases of Coronavirus since the outbreak.

With eight active cases, seven patients discharged and two deaths, Edo is in pole position to overcome the pandemic with proactive measures put in place.

8. Borno

There is serious fear for Borno, the northeast state torn apart by insurgency. Borno recorded its first confirmed case on April 19 and within five days, the state has amassed 12 cases and recorded two deaths with active cases standing at 10.

9. Kwara and Akwa Ibom

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara State

Kwara State has recorded 11 cases of Coronavirus. The state has discharged two patients and recorded no death. It has active cases of nine.

On the other hand, Akwa Ibom, with 11 confirmed cases has discharged three patients with one death.

It has six active cases to deal with.

10. Kaduna and Gombe

Nasir El-Rufai: tests positive for coronavirus

Kaduna and Gombe States have nine confirmed cases each. While Kaduna has discharged four survivors, including Governor Nasir El-Rufai, with five active cases, Gombe has nine active cases and has not discharged anybody.

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